Best Mobile Diary With Lock Android App 2021

By | April 16, 2021

Best Mobile Diary With Lock Android App 2021

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Use this diary app to make your own personal journal of daily events, appointments, secrets and feelings.

Build from the ground up to be simple and user friendly, the user interface is designed to allow you to enter new notes quickly and easily. With this app you can write all your private notes and secure them with a pin code.

Mobile Diary With Lock FEATURES:

  • • Password & pin code protection
  • • Emojis via Quick access keyboard (requires Android 4.1 or higher)
  • • Personalize background color (Pink, Purple, Blue, ++)
  • • Change text-size and font-style
  • • Automatic reminder to write
  • • Easy to use
  • • Search
  • • Download backup (as text-file)
  • • Sync notes between devices
  • • Private & Secure cloud storage
  • • The most downloaded diary app on Google Play!

Write your own Autobiography

This diary app can easily fit the purpose of writing down your memoir or chronicle. Keep a log or logbook to record history. Make a habit of doing daily records, document your life in your own daybook.

Setup a reminder to alert you when it is time to write. Protect all personal notes by adding a pin code when it starts up. Never worry about losing memories again. Easily send a backup of diary entries directly to email for extra protection.


If your Android phone support it, you can use emojis in all entries. Decorate diary notes with beautiful heart and love emojis, or popular sport or emotional face smileys. If the phone does not yet have native support for this, we recommend you try downloading a third party emoji keyboard from Google Play.

App Source From: Google Play Store

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